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As Australia’s top Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Consultants Victoria Migration Service Centre is strategically located in Melbourne CBD next to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) & Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) Divisions of the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) for which Victoria Migration Service Centre has successfully represented many clients in relation to the Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) of their visa cancellation, visa application refusal, health & character (criminal record), family (domestic) violence, immigration detention and other visa-related decisions made by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Victoria Migration Service Centre is proud of providing the best and honest Australian Immigration and Citizenship advice to people from 56 different countries.

Immigration Assistance

1.      All Types of Australian Visa Application    
2.      Australian Citizenship Application
3.      All Types of Australian Visa Application Refusal Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) Represention
4.      All Types of Australian Visa Compliance & Cancellation Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) Represention
5.      Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) & Nomination Application 
6.      Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) & Nomination Application Refusal Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) Represention
7.      Standard Business Sponsor Compliance & Cancellation Tribunal Merits Review (Appeal) Represention
8.      Unsatisfactory School Attendance & Course Progress Internal and External Review (Appeal) Represention
9.      All Types of Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) Interview Representation
10.    Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre Detainee Legal Visit & Status Resolution Service
11.    Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre Detainee Bridging Visa E (BVE) Application
12.    Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre Detainee Substantive Visa Application
13.    Melbourne Immigration Transit Accmodation Detainee Legal Visit & Status Resolution Service
14.    Melbourne Immigration Transit Accmodation Detainee Bridging Visa E (BVE) Application
15.    Melbourne Immigration Transit Accmodation Detainee Substantive Visa Application
16.    Unlawful Non-Citizen (Not Detained) Community Status Resolution Service
17.    Unlawful Non-Citizen (Not Detained) Bridging Visa E (BVE) Application
18.    Unlawful Non-Citizen (Note Detained) Substantive Visa Application
19.    Health Issue
20.    Family Violence / Domestic Violence
21.    Section 501 Notice (Character & Criminal Record)
22.    Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) Merits Review and Full Hearing Representation
23.    Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) Merits Review and Full Hearing Representation
24.    Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) Merits Review and Full Hearing Representation
25.    Ministerial Intervention
Australian Partner Visa Application
Breaking News – Herald Sun Newspaper Interview (Partner Visa Application) - 01 July 2015

Victoria Migration Service Centre’s Principal Migration Agent Mr. Henry QIAN, his happy clients Melbourne musician Mr. Mark KENNEDY (Sponsor) and his Swiss wife Ms. Doris KENNEDY-NEFF (Partner Visa Applicant) were interviewed by Melbourne City Editor Mr. John MASANAUSKAS from Herald Sun newspaper today in relation to the Australian Partner Visa Application. 

Same Sex Partner Visa Application Refusal
Breaking News – Same Sex Partner Visa Application Refusal Case (Schedule 3 Criteria)

Victoria Migration Service Centre’s Principal Migration Agent Mr. Henry QIAN has won another Schedule 3 criteria related partner visa application refusal case by successfully helping a same sex partner visa applicant to persuade the Tribunal that there are compelling reasons apparent at the time of the visa application for not applying the Schedule 3 criteria.

Partner (Spouse) Visa Application Refusal (Domestic / Family Violence MRT Merits Review Case)
Breaking News – Landmark Partner (Spouse) Visa Application Refusal Case (Domestic Violence / Family Violence)

Victoria Migration Service Centre’s Principal Migration Agent Mr. Henry QIAN has become the first and so far the only Australian Immigration Law Expert who has won the landmark partner (spouse) visa application refusal case under the domestic violence clause for a MALE client who has not only been accused as the perpetrator by his ex-wife who successfully obtained an interim and final intervention order against him from the Court, but also been found not a victim of domestic violence by three Independent Experts (IE) from the Australian government department after almost three years of unprecedented legal battles.

This landmark case created a “Dead duck swimming again” miracle in the Australian immigration history.

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